Thursday, March 18, 2010

April 3rd Coming Quickly - Hope Next Exit Update

Hello everyone. Reaching out as a reminder about April 3rd.

Pretty Please with a S'more on Top RSVP as to whether you are attending or not. We will start getting all the goods this weekend because next week is the actual Team in Training event I am participating in to honor Crea's battle and all the battles lost, won, in progress and yet to come. It has been a tough training season. I missed 5 weeks with what I thought was a stress fracture. As it turns fracture but most likely compartment nerve syndrome. Doc said I could run through it so I did. At first it went away but it has recently come back with a vengeance affecting even my bike. All I can do is give 110% of whatever I have on race day and that is what I will do. Back to the we are going to have a ton of food so please show up hungry. We always planned to buy mass quantities but on top of that restaurants have been very kind to this event. That leaves more money for alcohol so bring your drink on but save some sobriety for making S'mores at the fire pit. No fear if you don't like S'mores as there will be plenty of other amazing desserts.

If you could also let me know if you are bringing children, I would appreciate it. We are trying to make a decision as to bringing a baby sitter to help folks out. Also, if your children have special eating requirements...let us know.

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