Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl 2014 Grids

Thank you to everyone for helping us to sell out three grids this year.  This is a first and it means that $3,000 will go towards fighting cancer.  As always, your support means everything.  Good luck to everyone.  In addition to putting the grids below we will be emailing them out to everyone as well as posting them on Facebook.  To reiterate the process taken to make the grids as random as possible........I take the list of participants and randomly assign them to the 100 spaces on the grid. Then the numbers 0-9 are randomly selected for Denver and Seattle.  At this point, your victory is in the hands of Denver and Seattle.  Please enjoy yourselves on Sunday and know you were a big part of funding the research that might lead us to a cure. Cheers!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ten Years

Ten years ago today, my father took his last breath. It is not a day I celebrate but one I certainly will always remember.  It was 164 days after Isabella passed away. It was 6 days before my parents would have celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and it was 291 days before my Dad would have welcomed Jaden into this world. Cancer won on this day but its move triggered a war that I will continue to participate in until a cure is found. If cancer could do it all over again, it might pick a different family. I do not think cancer knew what I was capable of.  Truth be told, I did not know what I was capable of until loss knocked on my door a few times. I miss my Dad terribly.  I think about him daily but I do think my being a part of the #beatcancer warriors was meant to be. We never know why things happen in our lives.  We never understand at that moment in time why hardship and pain can enter our lives. I would trade just about anything to have more time with my father.  I would have loved to sit screaming at the television this past Monday as Florida State pulled an enormous come from behind victory………my memories with my father are full of FSU football games (it is also where I learned the fine art of using foul language J).  That is not the case, though.  In his place are many of you reading this post.  Most of my connections on Facebook and Twitter are a result of my Dad’s fight with cancer.  So many of you stood by my side, one way or another, in the fight against cancer and I am so grateful to all of you.  Thank you for helping me to fill a huge void. Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for helping me honor the promises I made to my father and Isabella and my wife when cancer decided to knock on her door a few times.  Cheers to a cancer free world.  It is going to happen.