Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Bowl 2015 Grids

Below you will find the grids for our 7th Annual Super Bowl Pool. As always, we are extremely grateful for the support that helped raise $3,000 to fight cancer.  Another $3,000 will be distributed to some lucky winners.  Consistent with prior years, we prepare the grids as random as humanly possible.  We begin by using a program to randomize the 100 names that are placed in the grid.  The upper left box is considered #1.  We then move left to right ending in the lower right hand corner with box #100.  After the names are entered into the grids, we place small pieces of paper with numbers 0 through 9 in a bowl and pull each out one by one. It is a painstakingly slow process but assures everything is by chance.  The result of the process is below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Enjoy the Super Bowl and best of luck to all!!  PLEASE CLICK ON EACH GRID FOR A BETTER VIEW.  WE WILL EMAIL THESE OUT AS WELL AND WILL POST ON FACEBOOK.

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